I maaay have overdone it a bit

Do you ever have one of those days where you’re enjoying a book so much that you just drop everything for the rest of the day to finish it?

That was me earlier this week when reading Addition by Toni Jordon; a novel about a woman with OCD, which some of you may know is a topic close to my heart. (I also reviewed it over on my YouTube channel if you’re interested.)

Anyway, while the long day’s reading may have been good for my mood because I think I’m finally out of the massive reading reading slump I’ve been in, it probably  wasn’t so good for me on a cerebral palsy level.

I was pretty cold that day so I did most of my reading snuggled under the duvet in bed. I sat in long-sitting for a lot of it, so my hamstrings got a great stretch, but now, a couple of days on, I think I might have over stretched a bit because they’re quite sore.

I’ve also had a lot of backache too, which I think could have been partly caused by spending rather a lo of time leaning against my wooden bed frame.

The book was worth it though!

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