Making new habits

Lately I’ve been trying to develop some new, positive, habits.

Some of you know that I’ve been struggling with feeling more tired and achy over the last 18 months. I’m a night owl too. Just lately I’ve been trying to get into some new habits that might help me feel better:

Change my body clock: At the moment I go to bed around 12am-2am and wake up usually between 8:30-10:30. It’s actually a system that suits me well as I’m more productive at night, but obviously it doesn’t really fit in with most other people I know.

I’m trying to go to bed somewhere between 10pm-11:30pm at the moment in the hope that I’ll start waking up between 7am-8:30ish. Oh, I should probably try and nap less too.

Getting back into exercise: I enjoy exercising but I sort of got out of the routine of doing it about a year ago because I didn’t want to make the pains I started getting worse. They seem to have subsided at the moment though, so I want to start doing it again. I’ll start slowly and then hopefully build up.

Eating breakfast: Given that I tend to wake up quite late in the  morning I usually just skip breakfast and wait until lunchtime to eat. I’ve noticed now that on days when I eat breakfast I have a lot more energy and feel emotionally happier too.

Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “Making new habits

  1. this sounds so similar to what I have been doing over the last few months…. and I’m really finding it works along with the slight changes in meds and orthotics…..
    I have also changed my body clock – as much as I can with the job I do!! I never used to go to bed before 1am at the earliest…. now the only night I stay up that late is a Saturday, when I usually don’t finish work until 12.30 anyway.
    I’m also getting back into exercise as advised by my physio’s – I’m even going to join a gym!!
    I feel I have more energy and only have to take one rest day at the moment, instead of the two or three I was taking and feeling that I was wasting days if that makes sense?


    1. Yeah I was taking multiple rests a day and feeling like I was wasting days too. That all sounds really positive about the gym, hopefully it will help you get back to riding too.

      I’m not doing too badly at normalising my body clock although I’ll quite happily stay up if i”m writing or editing. Ops.

      Do you notice that you need to rest at the same time most days? I always start to flag at about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. It’s really hard not ti nap some days! I feel like a toddler!


      1. It depends what day it is… whether I’m up early for my voluntary work or working later that evening. On days where I’m in the office in the morning, I need to chill out for a couple of hours about 3-4 o’clock, whether that be veg out in front of my laptop or tv, or do some gentle stretching (or catch a little nap while laying on my front or wearing my resting splints!)
        On days where I’m working in the evening (like tonight) I get up a little bit later, and have a good physio/stretching session an hour or so later, so I can do easy things during the day before work as I need to store up my energy for work…..
        I find it’s all about forward planning and making sure I factor in stretching and resting along with other things, it doesn’t always work out that way – but I try!!!!
        I know what you mean about feeling like a toddler!! I either feel like a toddler or a pensioner when I have to plan early nights or resting time!!!


  2. Good luck with the changes & I hope you start to see improvements in how you feel soon hunni! I try to get to the gym 3 times a week and I notice on these days that my mood improves and I have so much more energy in general x


      1. Yeah I love it & you’re exactly right you have to enjoy what you do, I used to hate exercising in school as it was always sports/activities I didn’t enjoy x


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