Discovering new things I can do

Nothing makes me happy quite like trying things I wasn’t sure if I could do and then realising that I can.

For example, the other day I realised I can carry a drink in a pint glass without a lid as long as I leave quite a lot of empty space at the top.

This might not sound like much but it will make my life a lot better. .
For example I’ll now be able to take a glass of water to my bedroom rather than having to stand at the kitchen sink and down it all at once.

I used to be able to do that if I had a plastic bottle kicking around, but now I’ll be able to do it whenever I want.

I know it sounds silly, but that kind of feels exciting.

9 thoughts on “Discovering new things I can do

  1. Well done!
    It’s great finding things that you can do that make life easier, or make you feel a bit more independent….
    Last week I re-discovered a skill I thought I had lost, but through loads of hard work with physio and hydro, I can now ride my two wheeled bike again!!! I went out for a short ride last Tuesday and I felt on top of the world!!!!


  2. I’m really please for you.

    That’s a really interesting post and a timely reminder for me to have patience but to gently encourage my son who is 4 and who has CP.

    Interesting to see you mention shoelaces. That’s the first thing that usually springs to mind for me when I think of day-to-day considerations and what I have to plan ahead to they and help him with.

    All the very best.


  3. You sound like me!! I love learning to do new things now as an adult than I did as a kid! Apparently I can swept the floor with a vacuum and a mix batter plus slide icing to the sides of a cake! I did both of these over the weekend and I managed to get paid for it. I feel like I should be paying my nana for teaching me things instead lol 🙂


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