A string of bad days

Last week was tough.

In fact, it was one of hardest I’ve had for a while both on a physical and mental level.

The first few days were spent riddled with anxiety about job hunting related things that I won’t bore you with. As soon as that had sorted itself out, I had a physio appointment during in which the subject of how my increasing pain levels might be linked to the fact I’m getting older. Even if my physio did tell me she thinks I’m a long way from coming off my feet yet, I’m only 24 and right now I’m not exactly filled the confidence about my ‘cerebral palsy future.’

Then came the bad CP days; three of four of them in a row.

They were quite bad by bad CP day standards. My thighs ached down to the bones. my knees hurt constantly and felt like they didn’t want to take my weight. My calves felt a bit like they had cramp. Throw in some back pain that also gave me some muscular soreness in my chest and I was not a happy bunny. My brain felt pretty pickled too.

So I let myself drop the ball.

I didn’t write, edit, vlog, blog, or job hunt. Instead I spent rather a lot of time sleeping my way through it and the rest of the time binge watching mindless TV on Netflix (Gossip Girl marathon, anyone?)

And do you know what the best and worst part about dropping the ball was?

I didn’t feel guilty about it.

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