Having conversations as a wheelchair user

Me in my wheelchair

As a wheelchair user I sometimes find having conversations in public.  Not because I can’t speak or am very shy, but because it’s hard to hear.

Being in a wheelchair means that you’re lower down than everyone else. I’m only four ft 10in but I don’t find this quite so hard when I’m on my walking frame but I still sometimes struggle.

A lot of what’s being said literally goes over my head and the taller the people I’m talking to are, the harder it seems to be.

I’m very lucky in that my friends tend to come down to my height, but people who don’t know me tend not to. I know this is probably because they don’t want to come across as condescending,  but I’d welcome it very much.

Talking to the person who’s pushing me can be hard too, especially if we’re walking near a busy road but my family and friends always try and push one-handed and walk alongside my chair when they can.

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