A confidence boosting appointment

I’m writing this post in my local Costa, sipping on tea and thinking about the week I’ve had.

It’s been a mixed bag. Nothing bad has happened and good things are happening on th CP front, but I’m feeling stalled in other areas of life.

I had an appointment with my consultant this week. This happens about once and year and we discuss the things that might help me progress.

She said that I’ve obviously taken good care of my self brcaude I’m in a really good place regarding my Cp. Hearing this felt hood.

We’re going to also try a muscle relaxant called Bacflofen and carry on with Botox every six months. It felt great to hear that things were working well.

Then she asked how my job search was going and that felt less good, but I’ll get there.

4 thoughts on “A confidence boosting appointment

  1. That sounds really positive!
    Baclofen really helps me, especially when it comes to getting a comfortable nights sleep and to get going in the morning. it also helps make physio slightly easier…
    Keep positive about finding a job, I know myself how tough it is, as I have been looking to change jobs for a couple of years with no success…. I keep telling myself ‘good things come to those who wait’ šŸ™‚


    1. I’m hoping it’s going to help me foo. We’re starting out low and seeing what happens.

      I think we both have to keep faith on the job hunt. It will happen eventually


  2. A cab driver once told me “sometimes in order to get from where we are, we must first take a step backwards.” Patience, hope and keep trying. xx


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