Some more thoughts on my broken shower



Some of you may have noticed that my walk-in shower has been broken this week.

It’s still not totally fixed but sometimes if we’re lucky it will work for a couple of minutes, long enough for one of us to get a really quick wash, and then switch itself off. I think the thermostat must be playing up too because the water isn’t getting very warm like it usually does.

I’ve written quite a few posts about how hard it is for me to wash independently without one, but I’m missing it functioning normally for more reasons that that.

It’s quite cold here at the moment with it being winter, and I just miss the fact that I can jump in the shower as a way to warm myself back up again as well as making myself smell nice.

I’ve also been feeling very achy of late, partly I think because of the cold and partly because I feel like my muscles have tightened up quite a bit lately. I’ve still been using my wheatbags a lot but being in warm water helps lots too and I’m really missing it.

For some reason I’ve had a couple of headaches as well this week and washing my hair usually helps to get rid of them.


And let’s not forget that the shower seems to be where I get most of my writing ideas, or suddenly realise why it is that I have writer’s block. I don’t know why this happens, it just does.


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