NEW VLOG: Talking about my depression, anxiety and OCD

Yesterday I uploaded a vlog to my YouTube channel about the issues I face living with anxiety, OCD and depression. I decided to open up and tell you all about it in this blog post over the weekend and deiced that it would be good to do a vlog along the same lines.

Some of you may have seen this already and I didn’t post it on here straight away because I was aware that it might sound like I was repeating myself, but then I decided that it might be interesting for some of you to hear me talk about it as well as reading something I’d written about it.



2 thoughts on “NEW VLOG: Talking about my depression, anxiety and OCD

  1. SO much respect for you Nicola! I’ve had depression, anxiety and OCD and been on medication since I was about 15/16. Everyday isn’t easy and at times it can be really lonely but seeing others going through similar issues really gives me the belief that things can get better so thank you for doing this video! I know I’ve said before but I’m always here if you need a chat xx


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