Into 2015 we go

Hi everyone, I just thought I’d do a little blog post to wish you all a very happy new year from me, and to let you know some of the things that I’m hoping to achieve this year with my blog posts and vlogs.


I’m going to try my best to keep to a posting schedule of blog updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. While it would be great if I can keep that up all year, there might be a few extra posts here and there, or I might have to skip a few, depending on how life is going.


I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to get into a regular posting schedule regrading vlogging on my YouTube channel too, with all the one’s that are linked to cerebral palsy or disability being posted on here too. I don’t want to commit to a schedule just yet, but if I decide to I’ll let you all know.


If there’s anything else that you guys want to suggest that you think might be nice to include on the blog or in my videos, then please let me know.


Thank you to all of you who read this blog and stick with me. I love reading all your comments and chatting to you all. Let’s hope that there are lots more updates I can share with you all.


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