A brand new day

Some of you may have seen on Facebook yesterday that I was feeling really quite ill. More ill than I am pretty sure I have ever felt in my llfe. Every muscle in my body ached more than usual and was sore to the touch. My back, especially my lower back, didn't stop hurting for around 24hours and it made walking and moving very difficult and far more slower than usual. Throw in a sore throat and aching ears and I was one very unhappy little bunny indeed.

Today however is a totally different story. I slept until lunchtime (whoopsie) but woke up feeling refreshed with just a dry throat and my back feeling the way it usually does, a bit achy but nothing so bad that I find it hard to sit in one position for too long or move around.

I was just wondering, how do you guys cope on days like that?

2 thoughts on “A brand new day

  1. I cope with tea and chocolate!!!!
    I’m not a lover of this time of year, although a couple of days enforced bed rest does me no harm!!!


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