That Monday morning feeling and cold weather

When I woke up this morning it’s fair to say that I definitely had that Monday morning feeling. Yes I was still tried, a bit grumpy and it took me a bit of extra effort get out of bed, but this Monday morning feeling that I’m actually talking about is the one that I get when my weekend has been quite a busy one. I can always tell when I’ve had a bit of a busy weekend because I ache more than usual and sleep like a log given half the chance. Thankfully this didn’t last too long once I got up and started moving around.

It’s also been really cold today, it’s starting to get quite frosty here and I’m starting to wonder how long it will be before it starts to get icy and difficult for me to leave the house on my own. All around me people are starting to get excited that the ‘S-word (AKA snow) is starting to get mentioned on weather forecast, but I can’t say the prospect of it makes me happy or excited.

Still, December looks like it’s going to hold lots of fun things in store for me this month so on the whole I’m pretty excited.

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