Going somewhere new with Cerebral Palsy

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t sometimes get a little bit nervous when I go somewhere that I’ve never been before,  especially if I’m alone.

This weekend a friend and I are going to a music gig in Manchester. I’ve been there a few times and I really like the city so that’s not what I’m nervous about. What does make me a bit wary is that I’ve never been to the venue or the hotel that we’re staying in before.

Of course, I’ve phone ahead and arranged seating for my friend and I as it is a standing event. The venue have been really helpful and said that they’ll arrange a space with some seats for us and I’m pretty sure they have a disabled toilet but that isn’t essential to me.

We haven’t reserved a disabled room in the hotel as we’re only going to there one night so I should be able to cope without a shower, but had we been staying there any longer, or had I been going for a job interview then I’d have had to do it that way. We’ve tried to pick places that are close to where we need to so that it will be easier for me walk there because I’ll be taking my walking frame Martha.

I’m not too worried because my friend is coming with me so i haven’t had to plan as much as I might have needed to if I was going alone. Although things like this can take a lot of planning, and sometimes do not always go to plan when I get there, I never let that put me off. I won’t like my Cerebral Palsy get in the way of me doing all the things I want to do. I haven’t been to many gigs but i love music so I hope to go to lots more in the future.

How do you plan for these kind of trips?

7 thoughts on “Going somewhere new with Cerebral Palsy

  1. I mostly travel with someone. Life is too hilly for me to chance going alone XD. Granted, my CP is not really bad but someday I’d like to see Japan and I’ve heard stories about their cities being mostly an uphill climb…


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