My happy Monday

I’m starting this week on a high. If you’ve been reading this blog over the last few weeks then you’ll probably know that I’ve been having a lot of extra aches and pains die to my Cerebral Palsy that has been keeping me awake at night and things have been hurting constantly. BUT I’m really pleased to say that over the past week or so things have got back to my state of normal and I’m sleeping soundly at night again and feeling a lot more comfortable during the day.

This is a huge relief because it was starting to get me down if I’m  honest. I think it was just a blip after all. Thanks to sticking with me, I know my blog hasn’t been the most fun reading the last couple of weeks.

In other news, my family are starting to notice some improvement in the tightness of my muscles since I had my Botox injections done about a week-and-a-half ago.

I’m really happy today.

4 thoughts on “My happy Monday

  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! So glad a turnaround is in sight, I cant imagine what you have been through these past few weeks. Let the past, be in the past! x

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  2. Glad you are feeling better and happier. Do you think it is the botox that has helped mostly? It is interesting that you said that your family noticed some improvements form the botox – do you notice much yourself. I am asking because though my daughter is only 10, I found that people around her are aware of differences following botox more than she is. She just sort of gets on with it, whatever her muscles are doing, and doesn’t seem to be very aware of feeling less tight, or movements feeling a bit freer and that kind of thing even when it might look significantly different to those around her. I wonder if this is an “age thing”. I suppose you would notice and absence of pain if there was some due to tightness and even referred pain as a result of changed gait and that kind of thing, but Im thinking more subtle things like with maybe walking or balance or something like that?


    1. now that yoou mention it I don’t usually notice a difference even though everyone around me does. This time though I’ve noticed a huge difference because I’ve had far less pain and things are back to normal on the pain and ahaciness front. I see the physio next week for a follow-up so I’m kid of excited to see what she thinks.

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