My first shoes with heels!

What can I say, I seem to be on a roll when it comes to finding new attire for my feet.

It was only just last week that I was over the moon about finding two pairs of suitable shoes in one go, and I’ve hardly stopped doing the Happy Dance since!

Not only have I started to make progress at being able to tie my own laces, but I’ve managed to bag myself a wonderful pair of sandals for my mum’s upcoming wedding too. I know, I know, I already found a pair a few months ago but these ones are even nicer. Want to know why?

BECAUSE THEY HAVE A TINY HEEL ON THEM! (I’m using caps because I’m really excited, not because I’m shouting at you all, I promise.)

My first pair of heels
My first pair of heels

The thing is, I’ve never had shoes with a heel on, as my mum put it – they are my first pair of ”clippy-cloppys’- and to say I’m pleased is an understatement. When I tried them on I didn’t think I’d be able to walk in them at all, even though the heel is only an inch ( maybe smaller), but I could and I actually felt quite steady on my feet.

I showed my dad them as well the other day and he was really pleased for me too.

The pair I bought a while back will probably still be used at some point on the wedding day because they’re flat, and mum bought me a new pair of slippers in case both make my feet hurt, so I have lots of options.



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