Shoelace Challenge update

Today’s post is full of exciting news that I can’t wait to tell you all.

Not only did I managed to go shoe shopping and come home with not one, but two pairs of shoes, I’ve also managed to make some progress with tying shoelaces.

Months ago on this blog, I set myself the challenge of finally mastering it, something that I haven’t been able to do yet. I’ve found it quite frustrating over the years and it’s also made the already difficult task of finding shoes even harder.

Earlier this year I set myself a challenge finally managed to be able to tie my hair back into a ponytail, and when a good friend of mine suggested I do the same with laces, I agreed. My friend Leanne has helped me try and do this in the past, but I never quite managed it. She once spent our school lunch break letting me try and tie her shoes to no avail. I was doubtful that I’d ever be able to rise to her new shoelace challenge but I wanted to try. Months went by and nothing happened. Until last weekend.

It just so happens that both pairs of my new shoes have laces and Leanne came over to my house on the day I bought them. Once again she devoted pretty much the entire evening to helping me get the hang of fastening them. She was just as determined as me that I’d succeed and wouldn’t let me give up when I felt like throwing my new footwear in the bin and never looking at them again.

After lots of frustration, even more pizza and the odd glass of vodka and orange, I managed to tie some laces in a knot around my leg. This was a massive achievement that took me by surprise. I think everyone else knew I get the hang of it eventually (my family got in on the action to help me too) and were really pleased when I ran downstairs to show them what I’d done:

Baby Steps
Baby Steps

I went to sleep that night feeling quite good about myself. I started to think that maybe it might be possible after all, but I was still amazed the morning after when I managed to do this:


Getting closer
Getting closer

I know there’s still a long way to go and that tying them while the shoes are on my feet will be a whole new challenge, but I’m happy with this for now.

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