My Botox injections

I had my appointment to get some more Botox injections in my legs yesterday. It’s hoped that doing this will help to ease some of my muscle tightness. I had this done as few times as a child and I’ve had them again as an adult too. I go to most of my appointments alone these days but this is one that I usually like my mum or my dad to come to with me. If I’m being honest I think it’s mostly so I can squeeze their hand while I’m having it done. However neither of them were free to come with me, so I had to make do with digging my nails into my palms instead.

Personally, I’ve found that they’ve worked well for me in the past, and I have to make sure that I really work at my physio after I’ve had the injections to get the best possible results. It really is a good motivator to try my best to keep on top of things.

Yesterday, I also had the idea to put a pair of shorts on underneath a baggy pair of jogging bottoms I bought to help me keep warm when I had my serial casting pots on, so it would be easier and faster than having to change into some sorts when I got to the appointment. This is something that I think I’ll definitely try to remember to do next time because it really did make a big difference.

I’ll go back and see my physio in a couple of weeks time so she can see how well she thinks the Botox is working. In the meantime, I’ll just have to try my best and do as much work as I can.

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