How easily I become unbalanced

Sometimes I think I underestimate just how easy it is for me to start feeling unbalanced and start to wobble. I come close to falling over quite often, sometimes I catch myself in time, sometimes I don’t. Often I’ll feel myself becoming unsteady and know exactly what’s happened to cause it, but occasionally there seems to be no reason at all.  People I’m with will ask “What happened there?” and all I’ll be able to do is shrug my shoulders, say “I have no idea” and then give a nervous laugh. I always get nervous when I think I’m about to fall, but I don’t think that’s really surprising.

There are also plenty of instances when I know what made me start to wobble, and I’ll be amazed at what a simple thing it was. The other day I was leaning against the kitchen worktop, using both hands to butter some crackers; one of the broke in half when I wasn’t expecting it. The surprise of it cracking in my hand was even to make me jump and start to tip over backwards. Luckily I managed to reach out and grab the counter in time to steady myself. It was a good job too because if I had gone over, there’s a good chance I would have hit the oven. It wasn’t on at the time, but it still wouldn’t have been pleasant.

After I felt stable again and I stopped feeling nervous I realised that I was surprised that something so simple was enough to throw me off. It’s not the first time a crumbling cracker has made me wobble either (I eat rather a lot of them), but I’m always shocked when it does.

I try not to think about all the things that could have happened when I manage to avoid crashing to the ground, or how much worse it could have been when I do take a tumble. I just try my best to be as careful as I can.

6 thoughts on “How easily I become unbalanced

  1. This is so familiar!! Last night I threw my cup of tea everywhere and had to grab the worktop to stop myself high fiving the floor, because a plate slid down the draining board and rattled, causing me to jump out of my skin!! – just another great mishap that my startle reflex has caused!!! I must admit I do find the things that make me jump funny, especially when it’s things that I expecting but still jump…. (I’m fun to watch if there’s fireworks!!) My friends think it’s great fun to make me jump, ad I’d much rather people laugh with me than make a fuss, like the time I was in the pub and a dog barked and I threw my drink all over it, where I jumped so much and the whole pub fell about laughing!! 😀


    1. Aw I hope you were okay. I always get really annoyed when I spill tea. I always think “what a waste” when really I should be think “Wow, at least I’m okay.” High fiving the floor, that made me chuckle, I love that phrase. Haha I jump even when I’m expecting stuff too, not so much with fireworks but I’m terrible for it when I’m watching a film. It gives everyone watching it with me a good laugh at least. I agree, I think laughing with someone me is better than them making a fuss. Aw, the poor dog, that did make me laugh though. Bet the dog wasn’t too amused mind 😀


      1. I know!! I always think it’s such a waste… I’m absolutely tea mad!!! I was fine… I managed to save myself luckily, especially as I was wearing my leg gaiter on my left leg, so if I had high fived the floor I would have had to stay there and take it off before I could get back up… (think tortoise stuck on its back!!) The dog wasn’t too amused, but she was fine after a shake!!!


      2. I’m tea mad too, but ypu probably guessed that already lol. I hate falling over in leg gaiters so I can imagine that wouldn’t have been too fun. Glad the dog was ok in the end too 🙂


  2. Haha! I had guessed….I put the tea in teatotal!!!
    Falling in leg gaiters is a nightmare – luckily I only walk in one on my left leg as that’s the one that needs the most stretching…
    Yeh she doesn’t hold it against me, being a dog that spends a lot of time in the pub, she is used to getting dripped on bless her!!!


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