Another fall

In Monday’s post I told you all about a fall I had last week. Well, I had another one yesterday, but thankfully I wasn’t hurt.

My mother and I decided that we’d go out for a wander, so she put my walking frame Martha up for me because I don’t need to use it when I’m in the house. I went out of the door, got into it and started to turn it around when I noticed that it started feeling wobbly. Then I realised:

When you unfold the walker you can always tell that it’s been put up properly because there is a little clicking sound as the buttons you press in to collapse it again lock into place. When these are in place it won’t collapse again until you push the buttons, (there’s on each side), inwards.

As the Martha started to wobble, I could tell that that she was starting to fold up with me still inside. I was falling over backwards and Martha was going with me. It’s also worth noting that I wasn’t stood on the grass, but on our paving stones.

This time, I didn’t really have time to think other than the usual Oh please don’t whack your head and Oh dear I’m actually falling. Truth be told, the words running through my mind were far less polite than ‘oh dear’, but I don’t think you’d be very happy with me if I typed what they really were. All I will say is they weren’t very pleasant ones.

Somehow, I managed to keep my head up and didn’t bang it. My mum came flying out of the house as she heard Martha clattering and my yelping. Yes, I yelped. When she got to me I was on my back holding my head and arms up. I dare say I probably looked a bit like a turtle.

She pulled me up and was really apologetic even though it wasn’t her fault at all. Martha had looked like she had been put up properly and when there’s lots of noise around you don’t always hear the clicking noise that it makes. I hadn’t noticed myself, so it really wasn’t her fault. I don’t blame her. These things happen and are easily done.

If anything, I should have checked that the buttons were locked in before I started moving Martha, who, you will be pleased to know, wasn’t damaged in the fall either. Phew!

2 thoughts on “Another fall

  1. Oh dear Nic! Good to hear you weren’t hurt……and nor was Martha 🙂 I love how you write and how you can find the humour in so many situations. I found myself almost chuckling along with you as the tale unfolded reading your post. (You painted an amusing mental image and I mean that in the nicest possible way. Maybe its my Aussie sense of humour? Or that I can relate because we so often laugh at ourselves and certain aspects of our own circumstances – better than crying I always say 😉 ) Anyway as I said. Glad you weren’t hurt because I know there is a serious side to the story and a real danger in the whole fall thing as we are well aware with our daughter having CP too. Look forward as always to your next instalment…..which hopefully doesn’t involve falling or injury by the way 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Angela, I did hope that the post would make people chuckle. I always think that laughing is better than crying to. I hope the next installment doesn’t involve falling too 🙂


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