My busy morning

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve already had quite a productive morning.

I’ve been back at the hospital today for a few things. First up, I popped to the orthotics department, (the one that I go to about my splints), to have a few adjustments made to the one I wear on my left leg. I got given this pair a few weeks ago, and the right one feels really comfy, but the other still felt a bit too tight for me. I went back and had it blown out a bit shortly after I got them, and it did make a difference, but I felt that it could do with having it done a little bit more for it to feel as comfortable as possible.

This is no one’s fault it just happens sometimes.

Now that it’s been adjusted again I could tell straight away that it feels loads better and I’ve managed to wear it for a few hours. Now I just have to bed it in slowly for a few days, like you would with a pair of new shoes, and then see how it feels after that.

While I was there I was also told that my night splints were ready for me too. These are ones that I’ll wear at night, or at times when I’m going to be resting for a while, like when I’m reading or when I’m watching TV.  I’ll take photos of these next week when I’ve had chance to use them properly and get used to them a bit.

I tried this pair on at the appointment and I didn’t want to take them back off again. They felt really soft and comfy. I don’t know if I’ll feel the same after I’ve had them on for a length of time, but we’ll see.

After I’d finished my appointment at the orthotics department, I went for an appointment with my physio. We did some stretching and then we worked on standing straight and she looked at how I walked in the new splints.

She’s given me some pointers of things to work on and watch out for, and then I’ll go back in about a month so she can see how I’ve been getting on. At first, I think it’ll be hard to get into the habits of the things that she wants me to pay attention to when I walk, especially if there aren’t any mirrors nearby for me to look in while I’m trying to do it. Hopefully though, I’ll be able to make some kind of progress, however small (or big) that may be.

Oh, I also picked up some equipment that an occupational therapist had left for me to try out. It’s a rocker knife that is curved so that you can’t cut up your food using a rocking motion instead of pushing and pulling the knife back and forth.  I think I’ve mentioned a few times that I find cutting things up difficult, so I’m really looking forward to giving this a go. It’s being loaned to me for a couple of weeks or so to give me a chance to experiment and then if I like them, I’ll get one of my own.

It looks like I could be in for an interesting weekend.

9 thoughts on “My busy morning

  1. That does sound like a product morning! Will be interesting to see what the new splints are like….
    Know how you feel with having to go back and have splints adjusted! I keep having to get my right splint adjusted, as it’s taking long than usual to get it as comfortable as the left. I will get there though!! I’m going to get it a bit more padded out at my next orthotics appointment, when I go and collect my new gaiter and get casted for a night splint.
    I am also starting another course of physio…. Sometimes I think I spend more time with medical people than my friends!!


  2. Good luck with the splint! I’m glad the nighttime one is so comfy. Hello good night’s sleep! 🙂 If you can, could you put up a photo of the rocker knife in action? It sounds really cool, and I’d like to know if its actually any good


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