Walking hard

Yesterday evening proved itself to be one where I was more achy and stiff than I am on an average day. I can’t say I was too surprised though because the weather’s pretty cold, I’m full of cold, and I think I’d probably pushed myself harder than normal on a walk that morning.

Oh well, lesson learned. I think. At the time, I didn’t really notice how tired I was getting at first. Then, I had my first sit down and noticed that I didn’t really feel like doing much more, but I made myself finish the walk I had started, and felt good knowing that I did so.

I could tell that I’d done the exercise by later on in the evening. I sure felt it.

It wasn’t just my legs either, my arms and shoulders knew about it too from pulling my walking frame Martha along behind me too.

I was kind of annoyed at myself for making myself work so hard in the first place, if I’m honest. But at the same time, I was glad that I did, just to remind myself of what my limits are. Although I must admit, I don’t plan on testing them (quite so much) again anytime soon.

After a good night’s sleep I’m feeling loads better.

4 thoughts on “Walking hard

  1. Enjoy reading your blog posts. I use crutches to walk due to loss of use of left leg. It is when I sit I feel it after walking. Keep pushing! Livinglifeoncrutches.com


  2. know that feeling well!!! I am a nightmare for pushing myself too hard and suffering for it over the next couple of days…. Although I have been a lot better since I have been taking baclofen, I tend to recover a lot quicker and am more comfortable,


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