Decorating Martha…sort of

My Nimbo walking frame that I call Martha
My Nimbo walking frame that I call Martha

It’s no secret that I love my walking frame Martha. I’m not sure that I could manage to get around outside of the house without her.

The only problem is that I can’t fold the thing up myself because she’s too big and bulky and I’d probably fall over if I ever tried. It’s probably not as hard as it looks once you know how it’s done. Just tip it onto it’s back legs, push the right buttons and it should just collapse.

However, Martha has lots of them on her frame so that you can change the height of each leg invidually, so if you don’t know which ones are the ones you’re supposed to press, it’s easy to get confused.

Martha's new stickersYesterday I knew that I would be taking a taxi, so Martha would need to be folded up to get her in the boot. Mum decided that to make things a bir easier for the drivers (and other people who may need to help me collapse the walker later on), she would put some red tape next to the buttons that you have to press in.

So, Martha has now been slightly decorated beyond all of the things that come stuck on by the hospital and the manufacturers. In the past I’ve covered my walking aids and wheelchairs in tinsel at Christmas time, or tied ribbons to them as mementos of holidays that I’ve taken. I don’t know if this is something that I would carry on with. We’ll have to wait and see.



3 thoughts on “Decorating Martha…sort of

  1. I cerainly plan on decorating my bus this Christmas! Bring on December, I say! Only problem is I will have to work out what goes where as I get at least one different bus a day, if not two… so I will have to become an expert at putting up and pulling down the decos… lol. I can’t wait to see a picture of a decorated Martha! p.s. you look lovely in that photo!!!!


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