Some thoughts on the new walking frame I tried


A couple of weeks ago I was give a new kind of walking frame to try. It’s different to the others that I’ve had because it’s designed to go in front of you rather than behind.

My physio has been encouraging me to try one for a while but I kept putting it off for ages because I was nervous about it. However, my current Nimbo walking frame that I use is getting old so I decided to give it a go so that we would know once and for all if it was a suitable type of frame for me to have.

This is what I found.

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Decorating Martha…sort of

My Nimbo walking frame that I call Martha
My Nimbo walking frame that I call Martha

It’s no secret that I love my walking frame Martha. I’m not sure that I could manage to get around outside of the house without her.

The only problem is that I can’t fold the thing up myself because she’s too big and bulky and I’d probably fall over if I ever tried. It’s probably not as hard as it looks once you know how it’s done. Just tip it onto it’s back legs, push the right buttons and it should just collapse.

However, Martha has lots of them on her frame so that you can change the height of each leg invidually, so if you don’t know which ones are the ones you’re supposed to press, it’s easy to get confused.

Martha's new stickersYesterday I knew that I would be taking a taxi, so Martha would need to be folded up to get her in the boot. Mum decided that to make things a bir easier for the drivers (and other people who may need to help me collapse the walker later on), she would put some red tape next to the buttons that you have to press in.

So, Martha has now been slightly decorated beyond all of the things that come stuck on by the hospital and the manufacturers. In the past I’ve covered my walking aids and wheelchairs in tinsel at Christmas time, or tied ribbons to them as mementos of holidays that I’ve taken. I don’t know if this is something that I would carry on with. We’ll have to wait and see.



Calliper/blister update

My callipers
My callipers

Well, I went to the hospital to show them that my callipers and boots have been blistering me again, and, as promised, I thought I’d give you all an update.

The man looked at my feet and how they sit inside boot and suggested that we try adding some extra straps to another pair that will change my foot position and hopefully be more comfy to wear. He ordered them and suggested that I come in for a fitting rather than just collecting them so that he could show me how to attach the calliper to them because it will be slightly different this time around. I’m just hoping that I’ll manage to get them on by myself, although I don’t see why not.

With this will then come some upping the ante on my physio and stretching regime, but that’s probably a good thing to do anyways.

As for the chaffing that the callipers did to my legs when I first got them back in January, I showed him the mark that is still on my leg (although somewhat fainter now, which is good) and when he found out that I wear them over the top of my jeans rather than underneath them, he suggested that it might be a good idea to wear jeans with small seems in case that was what had irritated my skin in the first place. They haven’t rubbed there for ages though so I’m hoping that that part has sorted itself out at least. I know that I could hide them under my clothes if i really wanted to, but I figured that seeing as I spend my time wondering around with a big blue walking frame, it seems a little bit pointless, if you ask me.

So, there you have it. Not all that much to tell really, but let’s hope it works. Needless to say, I’ll keep you posted.