Homemade clothes from a friend

The Skirt Lucy Made me
The Skirt Lucy Made me

With a little help from my friends

I’ve blogged a lot about the difficulties that I have in finding clothes because of my height and my Cerebral Palsy making it hard to get them on and off again in some cases.

However, I have an awesome friendship group around me who help me out wherever they can, and today’s post is a shout out to my amazing friend Lucy who has made me a skirt!

I’d been complaining to her for a while that I’d been on the hunt for a high wasted, preferably black one, so that I don’t feel like I have to wear trousers to a job interview/work placement/ (hopefully one day soon) work. She took to her sewing machine and whipped one up for me that fits me in the waist and still falls at a reasonable length that I could wear in the office.

Here it is for you all to see!

It’s really nice to know that I now own something that was handmade in the UK and made just for me, you know?

The Skirt Lucy Made me
The Skirt Lucy Made me

She also writes her own blog about her clothes making, baking, reading, and just generally tries to look on the bright side of life. Go check it out, you know you want to. I especially like this teapot dress that she made, and I love finding out what are the next books are next on her reading list because she’s always the first one I go to for recommendations. She usually picks up the things that I wouldn’t, and inspires me to give them a try.

Thanks Lucy!


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