Another small victory

There’s been another small, small victory in Nicland this week. It’s nothing that will have a huge impact on my life, but one that made me smile and gave me a boost when I needed it.

I’ve blogged before about the difficulties I sometimes have with getting dressed into certain clothes. Buttons can be a bit of an issue sometimes. I can do them for myself, but sometimes it can take me several minutes to button up a shirt. But the items of clothing that tend to cause me the biggest problems are dresses and skirts. Ones that I can just pull over my head or step into tend to be fine, but ones that have a zip up the side are a bit of a pain for me. The zip is usually always on the left side, which is my weaker side. I have trouble getting my left hand and arm to do the things I want to do sometimes, especially if it’s something ‘fiddly’, like doing a zip or button for instance. This usually means that I can’t do these zips for myself, and need help putting on that particular outfit.

Needless to say, I try and avoid buying that type of clothing, but sometimes the dress just looks so perfect for whatever I want to wear it for (I usually only buy dresses with fiddly zips if I have a special occasion in mind that I want it for) and I’ll buy it anyway because I know my mum or my boyfriend will be around to help out.

However yesterday, I was feeling in the kind of mood where I felt like pushing myself to try and achieve something that I usually find hard. It looked really nice and sunny outside so I thought I’d try and put on one of the few dresses I own that I normally need help with. The dress I chose was the one that I’d bought to wear to my boyfriend’s graduation a few years ago. The only other time I’ve really warn it since have been for birthday meals out, and in my opinion it’s far too nice to just sit idly in my wardrobe.

Even though I thought I wouldn’t be able to manage it I actually did! I was really pleased because I could just step into it without even having to undo the zip. Yay!

It was a very small victory but it still meant a lot to me.

Snug as a bug in a rug

Today’s post is a series of good news stories! I love it when this happens. I have three things that I’m feeling very happy about today!  Go grab a cup of tea and I’ll tell you all about them.

Ready? Okay, let’s get started!

So, on Monday afternoon I went to have my left leg re-potted after I had to get that one removed because my little toe was feeling a bit on the squashed side, so off I trotted to the hospital to get recast. This is where good news story #1 comes in. When they put my first pots on last Friday, they had to cast me lying on my tummy so that they could get my ankle into the right position. When I was a child, I had this done in sitting, but on that day, my ankles were too tight to do this with me sat up, so I had to lay on my front. My left leg always has been the tighter of the two. The right leg has stayed it its cast the whole time.

However, come Monday afternoon, even though I’d only worn the original pot on Lefty Leg for just over 12 hours and had it taken off on the Saturday morning, even by the time Monday rolled around, the people who work in the plaster room to get my foot into the right position to pot me in sitting! I was truly amazed by this. I can’t wait to see the end result on both sides.

When they put the new pot on, they made sure that my left pinky toe had lots of padding so it’s now snug as a bug in a rug, which is the second thing I’m pleased about today.

The third thing that is making me happy is the new pair of joggers that I have invested in. I can’t manage to get my jeans over my casts at the moment so I’ve had to wear shorts and skirts (without tights). Over the last couple of weeks, the weather has turned really cold in the UK, so I have been spending a lot of time wrapped up in blankets when I leave the house.

That won’t be an issue now though because these jogging bottoms are a perfect fit and so hopefully they’ll keep me nice and warm and snugly, just like my little toe.

I think I may need to buy another pair…

Homemade clothes from a friend

The Skirt Lucy Made me
The Skirt Lucy Made me

With a little help from my friends

I’ve blogged a lot about the difficulties that I have in finding clothes because of my height and my Cerebral Palsy making it hard to get them on and off again in some cases.

However, I have an awesome friendship group around me who help me out wherever they can, and today’s post is a shout out to my amazing friend Lucy who has made me a skirt!

I’d been complaining to her for a while that I’d been on the hunt for a high wasted, preferably black one, so that I don’t feel like I have to wear trousers to a job interview/work placement/ (hopefully one day soon) work. She took to her sewing machine and whipped one up for me that fits me in the waist and still falls at a reasonable length that I could wear in the office.

Here it is for you all to see!

It’s really nice to know that I now own something that was handmade in the UK and made just for me, you know?

The Skirt Lucy Made me
The Skirt Lucy Made me

She also writes her own blog about her clothes making, baking, reading, and just generally tries to look on the bright side of life. Go check it out, you know you want to. I especially like this teapot dress that she made, and I love finding out what are the next books are next on her reading list because she’s always the first one I go to for recommendations. She usually picks up the things that I wouldn’t, and inspires me to give them a try.

Thanks Lucy!


The trouble with folding laundry

So, yeah, I'm not too good at folding clothes
So, yeah, I’m not too good at folding clothes

In the first few posts of my blog’s existence, I posted about having to learn ways around doing the laundry when I moved out of home to university because I found it difficult with my Cerebral Palsy, and then I wrote again about trying to take on the housework to help out more at home, but not being able to do all of it. Today, I want to talk (ok, rant) about something else that doesn’t come easily…folding my clothes and putting them away neatly.

Because this is largely a two-handed job it can get quite frustrating as my left hand doesn’t always feel like joining in with movements I’d quite like it to do. Over the years Lefty and I have had many battles of will (some of which have literally involved me snapping at it) but it’s getting stronger all the time, which is good, but folding my outfits doesn’t ever really work out the way I’d like, as I think this photo shows).

The first couple of things always go quite well, and then Lefty gets tired, or bored,   or I find something that’s an awkward shape and it’s game over. I know that I don’t do too badly but I’d like to do better. They always end up in a crumpled heap by the time I’ve got them into the draw anyway because I can’t carry the whole pile straight out in front of me with both hands with falling over. It’s a slow process because I have to take regular breaks because all the bending down that’s usually involved makes me tired, so for everything to get creased in the end anyway gets on my nerves. Now that I’m back at home, Mum usually helps me do it all, but I’d quite like to be able to do better at it so that it’s one less job for her.

I guess the reason I’m writing this post is because I’m wondering if any of you have any advice on how I could make this a bit easier and get better results?