Time for change

So, yesterday I took a trip to the hospital to have a discussion about my callipers and pick up some new boots that it’s hoped will help them stop cutting into me a giving e blisters quite so much. I went in there knowing that we’d also be looking at some of the other options that we could try. More on the new footwear in a minute, I promise.

A couple of weeks back, I went to a clinic appointment where someone suggested that we could try using something called Spring Splints at night instead, which I’ve never had before, but  they said I should discuss that further when I went to pick up my new shoes. I  go to a lot of my appointments on my own these days, (don’t you love being a grown up), but this time I asked my mum if she could come along for the ride to offer some insight into things that had worked well for me when I was a child.

After a bit of a debate, it was decided that we could give these Spring Splints a go when I’m resting, and also cast me for a pair of ridged ankle AFO splints for during the day. I’ve had AFOs before . There’s also discussion of using another course of using another method to help release some of the tightness in my ankles. It’s something that I had done a few times as a child and it worked really well. However, that is only at the discussion stages right now so I’ll mention that later on if it goes ahead.

My callipers
My callipers

Anyway, back to the shoes. They look pretty much the same as the ones in this picture, only with one extra strap, and not worn down, obviously. I’ve hunted high and low for a picture of my old splints, but I can’t find one because I used to wear them under trousers or jeans most of the time. Sorry.

When I got my new pair of boots that the callipers slot into, I found that they had an extra strap on the back that should make a difference to the position of my foot so I’ll keep trying to wear them for now until the new stuff comes through. I tried walking around in them for a bit and it’s so far, so good, minus the usual feelings of having to break in any new gear you get for your feet anyway.

I’m nervous about trying the new splints but I’m excited too. I’m willing to try anything that might help in the long or short term so I’ll just have to keep an open mind and see how it goes.

If you or someone you know has tried any of these types of splints, I’d be really grateful if you could leave me a comment or tweet me.

And so, let’s hope that today’s appointment with the occupational therapist goes as well!

4 thoughts on “Time for change

  1. Ooooh I’ve never heard of night splints with springs before!! I wear rigid afo night splints for resting, and find it more comfortable to sleep in them and my gaiters than without.
    I have had rigid afos for during the day on and off for most of my life, I have also had ones that come just over the ankles and wrap around the feet (called dafo’s) and out of the two I prefer the rigid afos.
    What are your new boots like?


    1. No I haven’t either but I’ll upload some photos when I get them. I’ve had ridged afo night spints before, and gaiters too but I’ne never had to wear them both together.

      I wonder if the doafs are similar to what I’ll be getting, because I’ve been told they’re going to be quite like afos but a bit shorter. Are they confortable to wear?

      My mum still has my very first pair of ridigd afos from when I was two somewhere. I’ll hav eto find them and take a picture.

      They’re a bit like peidros, but I think they’re a different brand. They had extra padding around the toes cause I always wear them out quicky. My callipers dlot into the sides and the new ones had some extra straps on the left one to try and take the pressure off my foot and pull it a slighty different way.


  2. dafo’s are comfortable, I didn’t like them as much as my rigid afo’s because I didn’t find them as supportive, they didn’t keep my heels down as well.


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