Remembering appointments

When it comes to me and appointments relating to my Cerebral Palsy, they tend to come in spurts. I’ll go months and months without a single one, and then there’ll be a few that seem to be pretty much one after the other.

Lots of these are often made quite far in advance, sometimes  six months to a year before I actually need to attend, so keeping track of them and remembering when they are can be a bit of an interesting task.

I do all the usual tricks of sticking the letters to the fridge door, feeding them all into my phone and telling my family over and over again when they are so that things will hopefully stick it at least one person’s brain so that I won’t only just remember at the last minute and have to scramble to make travel arrangements. Some departments at my local hospital have started sending out SMS messages or phoning me to check that I still want my slot, which is a great help.

Yet, the other day I got one through the post for April 2014, (it seems so strange to type that), that I think I’ll have no problem remembering the date for.

Why? I hear you ask.

Well, the appointment falls in the first week of April, and the same day that my parents had been given as my original due date. As it happens, I came into the world in the first week of January, 14 weeks sooner than anyone expected me to.  So yeah, when I meet someone who actually was born on that day in April, or I have an appointment on that day, it tends to stick in my head quite easily. I gave myself a small smile as I read the letter and went and told my mother.

“Don’t t think I’ll forget that one anytime soon,” I said.

As it happens, my next appointment at the dentist falls the day before this one (see what I mean about them all coming at once?) Okay, so I know this one isn’t related to my disability, but the timing is quite good nonetheless.

I can’t actually remember what time I’m actually meant to be at the hospital, or the dentist for that matter, but I’ll probably start committing that to memory sometime next March.

11 thoughts on “Remembering appointments

  1. I am a nightmare at remembering appointments, especially as I have to wait months sometimes for my orthotist appointments. I put them on my phone, then in the work diary, then when they are getting close I have a reminder pop up a couple of weeks before on my phone, so I can put the original letter under my alarm clock!! My friend is also enlisted to remind me, as it’s often her that comes to appointments with me. Interesting way to remember your appointment – with it tying in with when you were due!! I was meant to arrive around Christmas, but my birthday is today!!


    1. Aww, happy birthday 🙂 I hope you do something nice to celebrate it.

      I’m glad that you’re friend also helps you to remember yours. Putting the letterunder your alarm clock is good too 🙂


      1. thankyou!! I always need plenty to remind me of things… I’m such an air head at times!!! The other day I left one of my splints in a friends car and didn’t realise until I took my boots off!!!


  2. yep!! I took the right one off cos it’s taking me ages to get used to, and it get uncomfortable after a couple of hours


  3. haha yeh!! they’re used to me forgetting stuff… It’s usually my blue badge that I leave in their car!!!


  4. Oh the dreaded appointment schedules. I keep a running “calendar” of dates in my iPad’s notes. When I go to schedule something, out comes the iPad list. I have to refer to it a lot as I get closer to dates b/c I have too many other day to day things on my mind. Good luck on remembering your appointments!


    1. That’s a good idea! I’m glad I’m not the only one who has to constantly remind myself when they’re coming either. I have two next week on consecutive days so hopefully if I remember one, I’ll remember the other!


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