Learning to take it easy

Believe it or not, learning to spend a few days using my wheelchair instead of my walking frame isn’t something I’m very good at.

I can hear when my body is telling me to do this; I know the signs and the feelings, I know what happens when I push myself too hard, and yet, I always try and ignore it.

I wasn’t actually planning on leaving the house yesterday. Sunday’s can be quite quiet where I live and my hips and knees weren’t feeling up to much. Then my mum and her partner told me they were going to the supermarket.

They’ll be chocolate there, I thought to myself. I’d really love something sweet right now.

I know that I could’ve just asked them to pick some up for me, but the thought of going and hunting out the best bargain for myself was just too strong.

“Can I come? I asked

“Course you can. Martha or wheelchair?”

Usually I’d say that I wanted to take my walking frame Martha before they’d even finished the question, (they always offer the choice, even though they know that I like to walk as much as possible), but that time I did something I hardly ever do. I hesitated.

The word “wheelchair” was on the tip of my tongue, that should have been a big hint to myself, but I bit it back “Martha.” I said.

“Are you sure?” They then asked why I wanted to walk and risk making my pain worse. I knew they had a point, I’d already been walking on it for the last few days, and maybe it was time for a break. I made it halfway up the stairs to get my bag before I changed my mind.

In the end, I’m glad I did because we ended up going around more than one store and they were quite busy. I got walked into at least once by someone who wasn’t looking where they were going, so it was probably for the best all round.

I found that I got to sleep much faster last night too and I feel much better today.

I guess I should let this be a lesson to myself, huh?

9 thoughts on “Learning to take it easy

  1. Know the feeling!! I push myself way too hard and suffer for it later….
    I have always been the same, but at the moment I keep over doing it, my job is very physically demanding, and yet on my days off I still try to do the things I want to do when really I should be recharging my batteries.


    1. When you work a lot you want to try and cram as much as you can into your free time and it’s hard to try andplan some rechrage time into a schedule, especially when some of the more achy days come when you don’t expect them.


  2. It never hurts to have a break from something once in a while. If you find your body is getting sore from walking, then use the chair. Sure, walking might be good for you, but if you are getting sore from it, then either you are overdoing it or it is not as good for you as you are trying to tell yourself. Good on you for using your wheelchair, and the good nights sleep is always a winner! I’d love to see a few photos of you in your blog one day – you with Martha, you with your chair, etc… you with your parents.. all the things you are always telling us about. 🙂 (yep, even you with your boyfriend.) xo


  3. Glad that you got to sleep soundly and that your chair helped. I think you need to give your chair a name. Martha is a big part of your life she has a name – very telling. You might include/use your chair more if you were connected to it more. I am thinking I should get my daughter to give her chair and her ventilator names so she embraces them more.thanks for the inspiration


    1. You’re very welcome. 🙂 Maybe she will like the process f choosing names.

      A friend of mine at university did once name my wheelchair Louise but it never reall stuck. I think you’reright though, I should make more of an effort to use it.


      1. Louise! I like it – meaning famous warrior or long held. sounds good to me. Chelsea is a little cynical (15 year olds tend to be like that) but we will give it a go. take care


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