Letting things slip

Yesterday my mum commented that I needed to watch how I was standing when I was in the house and not using my walking frame Martha to help me get around. She said that she was concerned that I was standing slightly more bent over again and that I was starting to put my knees together which is why my knee caps twisted inwards when I was younger and I needed surgery to correct it.

As people who’ve been reading the blog a while will know, I’ve just been discharged from some physiotherapy sessions where I’d been working on learning to ‘stack’ myself properly when I’m using my walker, but when I’m at home I don’t use it around the house. It’s harder for me to pay attention to my posture when I’m in this situation because I tend to just hold myself in whatever way keeps me upright, but this isn’t necessarily the way I should be doing things.

After Mum brought the fact that I should be paying closer attention to the forefront of my mind, I started to notice that my left knee was quite achy, and that it had been for a couple of days, but I’d put this down to the extra long-sitting I’d been doing to give my legs a good stretch out. Then I noticed that she was right and that I was letting my knee twist in because it likes it that way and it’s more comfortable. Opps.

I’m not sure how long I’ve been letting my posture slip back into old habits, but I know it needs to stop ASAP otherwise there’s a risk that things will go back to how they were before my operations, which I know I don’t need to tell you is something that I don’t want to happen.

It’s harder for me to stand up straight when I’m not using Martha because she supports me on both sides and I’m just more aware of these things when I’m using her although I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because when I’m at home I’m usually concentrating on something else like making a sandwich or getting a cup of tea.

Mum is helping by saying “stand up straight” every time I go past her and I’m trying to think about forcing my knees apart before I do anything else when I’m standing still. It’s a hard habit to break, (or is it a new habit I have to get into?),  but now that my knee is protesting me every step of the way, I’m hoping that the dull ache and a mum’s reminders will help me along the way.

5 thoughts on “Letting things slip

  1. Know the feeling!!! I find it really hard to concentrate on standing up straight and do other things at the same time, especially when I’m doing ‘fiddly things’ and my hands aren’t doing what I want them to!!. The concentration required is knackering!! All I can hear in the back of mind is my old physio’s military style instruction ‘ hips forward, shoulders back back straight, head up knees back etc’… I spend ages practicising infront of the mirror!!!


    1. I can relate to the concentraion being knackering. Sometimes I think it’s almost as mentally draining as it is physically. Maybe one day itwill come a bt easie for both of us with practice.


      1. you never know… practice makes perfect!!!
        oh it is mentally draining!! no wonder I sleep so much!!


  2. Mums are good for that. When I used to play violin, mum would always say “tuck your elbow under”…. lol and dad would say “hold your violin up!” (it’s very easy to play badly and with poor technique as it’s generally the more comfortable way to do it…)


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