Things I never thought possible

Today I feel like I need some motivation to do my physio and other exercises, so I have decided to try something a little different with this post. I’m going to write a list of some of the things that I’ve managed to achieve so far in life that I used to think I might never be able to do without help, but I can now do thanks to a mixture of getting creative and hard work.


  1. Cook Pasta
  2. Take the train on my own
  3. Take the bus on my own
  4. Walk across a coffee table without holding on to anything
  5. Open a pull door by myself while on my walking frame (providing it’s not too heavy)
  6. Being able to do some basic supermarket shopping on my own
  7. Play the Nintendo Wii using both hands
  8. Write shorthand at 70wpm


Now here’s another list of things I want to be able do to eventually, again probably through getting creative and even more hard work:

  1. Learn to drive
  2. Go to a music festival
  3. Figure skate (in my wheelchair)
  4. Self propel my wheelchair down a hill and not hurt myself
  5. Be able to change bed sheets
  6. Swim 100 metres (not at professional level, just to be able to do it)
  7. Play an instrument
  8. Live abroad for a bit
  9. Do a master’s degree


So, there you have it. I know some of these may only sound small but they make a big difference and give me something to aim for.

What have you managed to achieve that you never thought possible, what are you working towards?

10 thoughts on “Things I never thought possible

  1. what a great post!!
    I’m proud of so many things that I’ve achieved despite my cp, the one thing I am most proud of is teaching myslef to ride a two wheeled bike at the age of 9. It took alot of hard work and a bit of cretivity but in the end I managed it!
    Things I am working towards are building myself a steady career in administration in either healthcare or charity work, and then take that abroad for a bit. Somewhere hot and sunny, preferrably spain, where I’d like to work in a hospital as an administrator/interpreter.


      1. I love learning new languages! I can speak alot of french (I’ve been learning since I was 5) a bit of spanish and a bit of italian. I’m going to go to college to learn more spanish when I change jobs.


  2. Brilliant post! It pays to think about what you want in life, its tends to pass us by and is a shame when we don’t stop and think about it! I guess for me, I’ve shocked myself by being happy and sick. Friends don’t understand how a girl who used to work full time, used to run four days a week, used to run races, used to do horse riding, used to do yoga, and used to have a social life, can now be happy having lost EVERYTHING!!! I can’t fully explain it, my brain is doing something up there to help me cope but I think deep down, the fact I used to live each day to the full I don’t have regrets. Of course id love to be able to do all these things again but for now, I am happy on my couch, Writing my poems, enjoying meeting new people virtually (including you!) and so in my own way, am still living each day to fullest, albeit differently! Perception is key!! And of course happiness too!!


  3. My aunt would comment on my son’s progress, clasping my hands between hers, and say, “Oh, Annie, never in our wildest dreams. . .”

    I always wanted to tell her to speak for herself. 🙂 I have always expected that my son will be able to do many things – all right, so he may never be speak understandably to unfamiliar listeners or walk a tightrope, but he’ll be able to walk, talk, all those things. Just in his own way.

    We waited so long for him to:
    1) Say “Mom,” “Dad,” “Grandma” (consistently with talker at 6 1/2 years old)
    2) Play independently for 5 – 20 minutes (around age 4, with simple, lever-like remote control trains)
    3) Show empathy (nearly 7 years, when he held my head to comfort me one sad evening)
    4) Spell words (3-letter words that you sound out right after you say, 7 years)

    Oh, there are so many! There are more and more all the time. It makes my heart glad to read yours.


    1. Your comment has just put the biggest smile on my face 🙂 It’s wonderful to hear of all the things that your son can do, and I’m sure that the list will just keep on growing and it’s lovely to hear that you’ve always known he will achieve then in his own time and way.

      Good luck on your journey, I hope it’s one filled with happiness 🙂


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