The challenge has been set

Well guys, there’s no denying that my updates on this blog have been very sporadic over the last two years or so. I met up with some friends last night. and we got chatting about the stuff I get up to online, when one friend, let’s call her L (hi if you’re reading this, by the way), commented on when I have and hadn’t been posting. Basically the whole conversation ended with me saying that I really do need to update more, and that I would do it every day for a week in an effort to kick-start my plan.

So, here we have it. I’m going to post every day on this blog for the next seven days, but not everything will be cerebral palsy-related. Some of you might think this is a great idea and some of you might get sick of me popping up in your various social media feeds, but I’m going to do it. You have been warned.

I have an acupuncture appointment later this week that I’ll be able to update you on, and at least one video that I need to get edited and put onto YouTube that I can share here too. If there’s anything you’d like me to write about then let me know.

See you tomorrow,

Nic x



My next challenge to myself

After the success of my ponytail challenge that I set myself, (which you can read about here and here), and some discussion with my friends I’ve decided that I should embark on another one…to be able to do my own shoelaces.

This is something that I don’t think I’ve ever managed to do for myself, because it would require work from my left hand as well as my right, and this is the kind of task that I find really hard to do with my left one.

Over the years I’ve found it kind of frustrating that I haven’t mastered this for myself to be honest. If I’ve bought footwear that has laces instead of Velcro or zips, then I have to ask someone to tie them for me so that they are loose enough for me to be able to slip my feet in and out of them, but not so loose that they fall off my feet when I’m walking.

I’ve tried and tried to do this and I’ve not had success yet.  When a friend saw my post about doing a ponytail, she sugguested I try doing the same thing with my shoelaces and I think this is a really good idea so I’m going to give it a go.

I’m not sure if or when I’ll manage this, but I’m willing to try. Let’s see what happens.  As always, I’ll keep you all updated.

Things I never thought possible

Today I feel like I need some motivation to do my physio and other exercises, so I have decided to try something a little different with this post. I’m going to write a list of some of the things that I’ve managed to achieve so far in life that I used to think I might never be able to do without help, but I can now do thanks to a mixture of getting creative and hard work.


  1. Cook Pasta
  2. Take the train on my own
  3. Take the bus on my own
  4. Walk across a coffee table without holding on to anything
  5. Open a pull door by myself while on my walking frame (providing it’s not too heavy)
  6. Being able to do some basic supermarket shopping on my own
  7. Play the Nintendo Wii using both hands
  8. Write shorthand at 70wpm


Now here’s another list of things I want to be able do to eventually, again probably through getting creative and even more hard work:

  1. Learn to drive
  2. Go to a music festival
  3. Figure skate (in my wheelchair)
  4. Self propel my wheelchair down a hill and not hurt myself
  5. Be able to change bed sheets
  6. Swim 100 metres (not at professional level, just to be able to do it)
  7. Play an instrument
  8. Live abroad for a bit
  9. Do a master’s degree


So, there you have it. I know some of these may only sound small but they make a big difference and give me something to aim for.

What have you managed to achieve that you never thought possible, what are you working towards?