Here goes nothing…

My name is Nic and I think that I’m lucky. Over the years I’ve been called many things: brave, determined, courageous; or freak, lazy and other things depending on whom you speak to. But no one ever seems to call me lucky.

I was born with Cerebral Palsy, a physical disability that effects the way I move – mostly my legs, but more often than not my left arm and I have to have a stern conversation before it will do what I want it to. I usually win that one in the end. Eventually. I don’t know exactly what caused it but I was born fourteen weeks too soon and sometime after that I had a bleed in my brain. Going any deeper than this to find out what caused the bleed doesn’t really interest me. As far as I’m concerned I made it and that’s all that counts. I can still walk, talk and do a lot of things for myself – except tie my own shoelaces – that I’m still working on – but given that I’m twenty four I should probably just give up and focus my time and energy on doing something way more fun and worth the effort, like making endless cups of tea. That I can do, and if there’s one thing in life I love more than the awesome-ness that is chocolate, it’s tea.

Although I can walk by myself around the house I never go anywhere without my trusty walking fame (hence the blog name), or on bad day, my wheelchair. I don’t have the balance to get up curbs by myself and the shock of standing on an uneven bit of pavement would send me crashing to my knees so I choose to play it safe but that’s okay. Falling over isn’t nearly as funny as it sometimes looks. Although, the time I somehow managed to fall into the laundry basket and broke it was pretty funny, or the time I was a toddler reached out to grab the person in front of me to catch myself and ended up pulling the poor man’s trousers down (just his trousers – nothing more, thank you). Well, I’m told that was funny, but really I’m not so sure…

I also make vlogs on YouTube and you can check out my channel here. In the meantime, here’s my channel trailer for you all to have a look at:


12 thoughts on “Here goes nothing…

  1. Excellent start – loving the idea of a stern word with your left arm! Is it along the lines of “Why can’t you be more like the right arm?”… X


  2. A great idea for a blog and just as importantly, it was well-written and funny! I’ve got CP myself and had so many balance-related mishaps when I was growing up. Perhaps the funniest comment was someone’s parent who congratulated me for “being the only one to have the courage to get drunk” at my undergraduate graduation ceremony (Of course, I hadn’t been drinking at all). Best of luck with your writing!


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