Justin Furstenfeld gig at Band On The Wall 18/10/14

So this weekend I went to see Blue October’s lead singer Justin Furstenfeld doing a solo tour (The Open Book Tour) at Band On The Wall in Manchester. I’m not going to review the gig or anything, although it was amazing, but I going to talk about my weekend.

I was a little nervous about going because I’d never been to the venue before but as it happened I needn’t have worried.

There was a ramp into the building and the staff were really helpful. They’d reserved seats for my friend and I, just like they said they would, and a member of staff led us to and from our seats at all points of the gig. I’ve kept the piece of paper that said the he seats were reserved for me as a memento too, along with my ticket.

The other members of the crowd were lovely too and no one complained at having to dodge round my walking frame Martha to get by me.I know it sounds silly but I sometimes feel self-conscious at things like this that I might get in other people’s way or whatever, but I didn’t feel like that at all that night.

Justin was amazing and he played quite a few of my favorite songs. It was really good to listen to his story and it was nice to hear everyone singing along.

I would definitely go back to this venue if they had a band or artist I wanted to see. This is more than can be said for some of the places I’ve been to, which shall remain nameless.

Going somewhere new with Cerebral Palsy

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t sometimes get a little bit nervous when I go somewhere that I’ve never been before,  especially if I’m alone.

This weekend a friend and I are going to a music gig in Manchester. I’ve been there a few times and I really like the city so that’s not what I’m nervous about. What does make me a bit wary is that I’ve never been to the venue or the hotel that we’re staying in before.

Of course, I’ve phone ahead and arranged seating for my friend and I as it is a standing event. The venue have been really helpful and said that they’ll arrange a space with some seats for us and I’m pretty sure they have a disabled toilet but that isn’t essential to me.

We haven’t reserved a disabled room in the hotel as we’re only going to there one night so I should be able to cope without a shower, but had we been staying there any longer, or had I been going for a job interview then I’d have had to do it that way. We’ve tried to pick places that are close to where we need to so that it will be easier for me walk there because I’ll be taking my walking frame Martha.

I’m not too worried because my friend is coming with me so i haven’t had to plan as much as I might have needed to if I was going alone. Although things like this can take a lot of planning, and sometimes do not always go to plan when I get there, I never let that put me off. I won’t like my Cerebral Palsy get in the way of me doing all the things I want to do. I haven’t been to many gigs but i love music so I hope to go to lots more in the future.

How do you plan for these kind of trips?

Fun Fact Friday [13]

Hello and welcome to Fun Fact Friday, a feature in which I post random facts about myself that aren’t linked to my Cerebral Palsy.

I often listen to music while I’m writing my blog posts and right now I’m listening to Into the Ocean by Blue October. Blue October are one of my favorite bands, and I’d recommend them to fans of inde and rock music. Go check them out!

Dancing with myself

In case you haven’t guessed by now, I love to dance. I’ll do it anywhere; at a family wedding in my room alone or in the middle of a park. If I’m out in public most of the time I do it sitting down in my wheelchair so that I don’t fall over or get knocked over by other people around me. If I’m somewhere that’s quite quiet I might have a go at doing it with Martha instead but that’s much harder.

If I’m in my wheelchair I sometimes attempt to roll my wheels around in time to the music but more often than not I tend to just go for moving my arms around in motions that I hope will match the music and try and avoid spotting my own reflection anywhere. I know that what I’m doing probably has no sense of rhythm to it but I like to pretend it does. Dancing with Martha is not quite as simple, I have to still hold on ad try and shuffle my feet and try and shake my shoulders at the same time. It’s not easy and I’d like to get better at it, I just need the space and time to practice.

The thing is, I’ve always loved bopping along to a good song. I’d always be begging my Mum to help me on the dance floor when I went to parties as a kid, I never even cared that I would be the only one up there. It was fun and that was all that mattered to me. It was always a part of family life when I was growing up. Mum and I would often dance around the kitchen and call it phsyio and Dad spent ages teaching me to strut my stuff to Madness songs like they do in the One Step Beyond video.

My friends often embrace my danc-y nature too. If we’re ever out and about somewhere and Rollin’ by Limp Bizket starts playing, the person closest to me will grab my chair and push me along in time to the chorus. Makes me laugh every time.

Now, I do often wonder what I must look like to people who don’t know me but I try not think about that too much and just enjoy the music. That’s what it’s all about, right?

So, what music will get you all moving today?