2 thoughts on “NEW VLOG: Playing an instrument

  1. I used to play the trumpet in secondary school and absolutely loved it but I had to stop playing when the muscles in my face/chest began to be affected by my illness. I taught myself the saxophone for a while after I gave up the trumpet (although it’s much heavier, my hand/arm muscles were less affected) and enjoyed that too though the trumpet will always be my first love and one of the things I would love to go back to one day.

    Most stringed/woodwind/percussion instruments require equal use of both hands but many brass instruments are primarily right handed. Something like a cornet or trumpet would be cheapest but involve being able to take the weight of the instrument in your left hand. Some of the smaller horns like a tenor or baritone (more transportable than a tuba or euphonium) are played sitting down so your knees take the weight and your left arm merely hugs it while your right hand does the work. Brass instruments tend to be pretty pricey but you can usually get them cheaper second hand and some music shops will let you rent, or borrow to try it out before buying.


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