We Broke Up

Rob and I broke up.

There, I said it.
I’ve actually been meaning to say it for the last couple of months but I haven’t known how. I’ve been hiding from it, and So, I’ve been hiding from this blog, and, I suppose, all of you. I haven’t wanted to carry on as if nothing had changed, because that didn’t seem fair, but neither did writing about it as soon as it happened. Which is, of course, what I really wanted to do.
Really, what it comes down to is:
1: Yes, he broke up with me
2: No, I didn’t see it coming
3: Yes, we’re trying to stay friends.
4: And Yes, it’s really flipping difficult
So that is where I am right now, but it’ll be okay. I got a new walking frame last week (new name to be revealed soon) and I have Botox in my legs again next week.
The world is still spinning and I’m still here. I’m not thinking about dating yet, other than thinking about how I never actually want to think about it, let alone do it.
Here’s to a more regular updates from now on, if I can stay awake long enough.
(Turns out working full time and commuting around 3 hours a day is also really flipping difficult!)
Nic xx

4 thoughts on “We Broke Up

  1. Hi Nic, Congratulations on ‘putting it out there’ – I truly hope that it has been cathartic for you and a step on the journey to healing. Sending a virtual ‘hug’ in a positive and caring way (not one of those creepy ones) and I won’t be offended if you would prefer not to accept it (so hard to know the correct protocols these days – just know that it was sent with the right intention). Take time for yourself, give yourself a ‘gift’ whether it is a relaxing bath, a bar of chocolate or time to meditate – whatever it is that makes you feel good and smile.
    Wishing you all the best – Jaki 🙂


  2. Hi Nicola,

    Sorry to hear about your recent breakup. It is difficult but there is someone else better out there for you. I hope everything works well.

    I really enjoy following your blog and hearing your story. I watched you appear in the BBC employability series last winter and could relate with the challenges into employment. I have a vision impairment and use assistive technology to support me in the workplace.

    Keep up the great work, the blog posts really help!


    Sent from my iPad



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