My first month of full-time work

Can you guys believe it’s been a month since I started my new job? I can’t.

That means I have successfully managed to get up (and start work on time) four Monday mornings in a row. This might not sound like a big achievement, but let’s not forget I’d been unemployed for five and a half years until I got this job. Getting up early on a Monday morning hasn’t been a feature in my life for a loooong time, but I’m adjusting. I think…

My employers are really understanding of my needs. They’ve already asked me if I wanted to work from home a couple of times. (I said yes. Eventually), let me work from home because snow happened, and no one even blinked when I called them up one morning and said that I needed to work from I didn’t think my back could cope with my commute that day.

Yes. I actually did that. Yet another thing I would have never even considered doing this time last year. Thanks again, Employable Me.

Getting Access to Work provided taxis is an ongoing process, but hopefully it’ll be sorted soon. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. Commuting is painful and hard and the cold weather isn’t helping either.

How are things with all of you?

Nic xx

8 thoughts on “My first month of full-time work

  1. Sensible decision, working from home – thankfully more and more employers are realising that you dont have to be in an office all the time to actually ‘work’ and the majority of the time we are actually putting in more hours when we do.


  2. Well done honey, and if it’s building self confidence that’s terrific. I’m OK, perked up since shaking off that virus, and I’m doing more. I’ve been calm on the outside and worrying on the inside, but I’m a little more whole now.
    A x


  3. I saw you in the library last Saturday afternoon. I was gonna get up and introduce myself but my time was running out on the PCs and I needed to do something before they logged out.


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