A self-enforced rest day

So today I’m doing something that I probably would never have done two years ago and am taking a self-enforced rest day. Spoiler alert: I have not been enjoying it. I feel like this is something I should enjoy. What am I doing wrong?

As much as I’m annoyed at myself for not enjoying something that I know most people would think I’m privileged to be able to have the time to do, but I am proud of myself for letting go of my stubborn streak for a bit.

Basically, I’ve been doing a lot more physical activity lately, probably levels of the stuff that I haven’t done since uni. It’s making me feel better about myself but I’ll admit that I could tell I was close to burning out. I have commitments coming up over the next few days so I thought I’d rest up today while I had the chance.

Maybe I’m starting to learn to listen to body? I won’t hold my breath but I did the right thing today.

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