VIDEO: Christmas & My anxiety

Hi guys,

Sorry to post twice in one day again, but here’s a video about Christmas, my anxiety, and how some of it relates to my cerebral palsy:


2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Christmas & My anxiety

  1. Have you tried CBT it might help? Speak to your GP. Also I have had very good results with acupuncture. It can flare things up at the start but after a few weeks I had amazing results. see my website. Also, do you live in England and do you have a designated consultant for your CP. I ask because I have lodged a petition to the Scottish parliament about adult cp services. You seem to have regular input from physio and other services. 🙂


    1. I’ve had CBT before and I find it really helpful. I live in England and do have a consultant. I also have yearly meetings with a transitions team which I think are for people between 18-30 I think bridge the gap between children’s and adult services. Good luck with your petition.


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