2 thoughts on “Cerebral palsy & surgery

  1. Brilliant Vlog! Brought back lots of memories of when I’ve had surgery… Very honest too! especially when you mentioned the epidural and catheter… That was the bit I hated most…. Luckily I was on enough drugs not to care too much!!! I had a very similar surgery to you when I was 13, although it was all done at once. I was I hospital for 6 weeks and had to stay in bed for just over a week, which sounds like bliss…. But wasn’t at the time!! although it was meant to be two weeks, but they couldn’t keep me still enough – I worked out how to lift myself out – gaiters and plasters the lot!!! I was a nightmare at that age!!! But to be honest, that’s what helped push me through the recovery – I should have been in hospital for 8 to 10 weeks, but as soon as I could move about a bit I became a physio addict and pushed myself as hard as I could!!!


    1. Yeah when I was in hospital having the hip surgery the doctors said that they used to keep people in for 6 weeks but things had advanced a bit more. The hospital I was in was a children’s hospital so my mum staydd with me the whole time and we both made sure I did physio at least every hour. My arms got quite strong too because they gave me something called a monkey pole to pull myself up with and I used to do pull ups on it out of boredom as much as anything else. Staying in bed for over a week would’ve driven me insane I think. I found it really hard not be allowed to stand even I was allowed to get out of bed after 2 days. The first time I tired to get myself back into bed from a chair I automatically rolled onto my hands and knees to crawl up the bed. I don’t think I’ll forget how much that hurt. I didn’t do it again lol


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