A different kind of pain

I have a lot of different kinds of pain because of my cerebral palsy, but I get some of them more often than others.

The ones I think I have the most often are probably achy hamstrings, hip pain, neckache and backache, but over this past week or so I have been getting a couple of different pains and I’m not really sure how to deal with them.

Just lately I’ve been getting pins and needles-style pains and cramps under the big scars on my hips and I’ve been getting pins and needles and cramps in my legs when I walk.

It kept me awake last night too.

I’ve started taking my Baclofen to try help this.

This is probably going sound really strange, but this morning I woke up without any of these new pains but I had backache and neckache, and I was kind of relieved because these are ones that I have most often and I know how I can deal with them.

However, the hip pain did come back once I’d been awake a little bit and now I’m trying to make sure it doesn’t get too bad.

Do any of you ever get new aches or pains and how do you work out what to do.

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