Cerebral palsy and spasms

Hi guys, today I want to talk about spasms and maybe ask you a couple of questions too.

I get them sometimes, usually only in my legs. They used to be quite a rare thing for me. My mum aid I used to get them a lot as a baby/toddler but I don’t remember having them much as a child and teenager.

However, I think it’s fair to say that a lot of things in the cerebral palsy-side of my life have changed loads over the last couple of years. Longer readers of this blog will know that I’ve had more bad days and tire more quickly now than I used to, but I’ve also noticed that I’ve been having more and more spasms too.

Admittedly, a lot of these feel like they’re linked as much to how I’m feeling emotionally as much as anything else. I get them a lot iif I’m really anxious or really upset. Being cold is also a factor too a lot of the time, and sometimes, I go through phases of having them at night just as I’m about to fall asleep. You know, in that moment when you’re just dozing off and then your whole body from the waist-down jerks and then you’re wide awake again? Yeah, that.

Most of the time, they’re over pretty quickly, but sometimes, usually when I’m really, really upset, they last longer. Oddly enough it usually happens to one leg and then the other, but sometimes they both go off on one together. I don’t find them painful, but it it’s one that takes longer to go away, it can make me feel achy afterwards.

Do you have spasms? Have they changed over time? How do they impact on you?

10 thoughts on “Cerebral palsy and spasms

  1. I have got them more over past few years… Mainly in my hips and more affected leg, although they can happen in my arms (especially my more affected arm) and even at times in my back.
    I get them more when I’m cold, nervous or having a bad cp day…. They go hand in hand with my startle reflex too…
    I also find they happen most when I don’t want them to happen, for example when I’m having my hair cut….. I hate it!!! I don’t know whether it’s the position of the chair, or the fact that I’m really conscious of it, but I always get them at the salon…. Luckily my usual hairdresser is used to it (one of my closest friends is a salon manager in the same group and he used to do my hair, so I think he explained) but if I see anyone else it feels like they are worse because I get self conscious of it….
    My night ones aren’t as bad since I upped my Baclofen a bit, Although I get them more if I’m not wearing my leg gaiters, and am not positioned comfortably at my hips…


    1. It sounds like you get them a lot more than I do. I don’t know, it sounds like it could be a mixture of the chair and getting nervous about having them I guess. Have you thought about asking if they have different chairs you could use?


  2. I get them quite often at certain times, then I won’t have them for months!!! That’s what it is, the chairs aren’t very comfortable at the salon I go to and they’re all the same… I’m thinking of going to my friends salon as he has different chairs , but it’s a long way to travel, so I need to weigh up the pros and cons!


  3. They sometimes hurt when I have them, other times it’s basically like a startle….
    I’m going to have a chat with my friend to see if he could come and cut my hair on his way home form work when I need it…. The place I usually go to was fine until recently when they had a refurbishment and replaced their chairs….
    I’m really really particular about who does my hair as it’s such a personal thing…. And my hair grows funny at the back because I have some scars on my head from where I fell over and split it open when I was little.
    When I go for a manicure at my friends salon, I use their spare saddle seat and that’s really comfortable!
    Have you found you spasm less since you started Baclofen?


    1. I think it did help a bit yeah, I don’t take it every day, just when I’m having a bad day or if I can tell I’m in for a bad CP night because then I find it nips things in the bud.

      Speaking of manicures; how do you find cutting your nails? I can manage my fingernails by doing a ‘rough cut’ and neatening them up with a nail file, but toe nails are a no-go! I get my mum to help at the moment cause I don’t like the thought of having a pedicure because I hate having my feet touched (not good for a person with CP, really, is it?)


  4. I can cut my nails, but they don’t end up anywhere near as neat and tidy as I like…. I’ve got a real thing about clean and tidy hands!! I also need to keep my cuticles tidy otherwise it really bothers me …. Toe nails I find really hard to cut properly so I get them as good as I can, I’d never have a pedicure because like you I hate my feet being touched…. I never show my bare feet to anyone I don’t know unless I really have to as I’m really self conscious about my crooked toes…..


  5. are your feet sensitive too? I’ve always gone through the ceiling when someone touches my feet… It sets off my startle reflex really badly and can make me accidentally kick out with the other leg! I always have to warn new physio’s, drs and orthotists just in case I repeat what happened when I was a toddler…. A Doctor picked my foot up without being careful and I kicked him right where a man doesn’t want to be…. My physio when I was school aged always kept a gaiter on my leg she wasn’t working on just in case I flinched!!


    1. My feet aren’t like that but my knees are. If anyone touches the sides of my knee caps I jump are 3 feet in the air. I used to have really ticklish feet but I’ve pretty much learned to block that out.


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