Fun Fact Friday [50] SPECIAL EDITION

Hello, and welcome to this special edition of Fun Fact Friday. This week I’m going to hare with you the fact that I seem to be the only person on the entire planet who doesn’t like the TV show Friends, and then I thought I’d ask you all some questions so I can know some facts about you. I’d love it if you could answer then in the comments or on social media:

  1. What books/authors do you love?
  2. Which blogs do you like to read?
  3. Which YouTubers do you like?
  4. What are your favouriate bands
  5. What are your favorite TV shows?

2 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday [50] SPECIAL EDITION

  1. Hi Nic, (we both are on a google+ disabled site) I will try to answer these questions as succinctly as posible.
    1. Too many to count. I have 3,000+ books in my trailer. I love all books except horror.
    2. Molly’s Daily Kiss, review
    3. Not any one special really, I like music.
    4. Again, too many to count. The ’60’s and the ’70’s are my fav’s.
    5. Star Terk, Clone Wars, Any thing Sci-Fi really. Love Japanese Anime, Ghost In The Shell.

    My medical history:
    My 1st wife, Crystal, has CP too and she got hers at 4 hours old. Hers affected her just the same way my stroke affected me. I hope we can chat some time. 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comments! I like anime too! I tend to like comedy anime best. I think Ouran High school Host Club is my favourite at the moment. I wish I had room for 300 books!


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