Starting Baclofen for cerebral palsy

You may have seen on social media that I finally took the plunge and started taking Baclofen a couple of weeks ago. It’s basically a muscle relaxant my consultant prescribed me quite a few months ago to help with the increasing number of bad cerebral palsy days I was having.

She told me it was something I could basically start and stop taking as I need to because it would be out of my system within a few hours. She suggested a I started on a smaller dose twice a day, but I could increase that to three times a day if needed. She also suggested an amount I could up the dose to if necessary.

The reason it took me so long for me to start it was because I’d heard it could make you feel dopey and tired when you first start it so I wanted to wait for a time when I could stay at home and see how things went. In the end, for me at least, I didn’t feel any of those things.

Like I said, that was a couple of weeks ago now, and I can’t believe I waited so long to do it.

I haven’t taken the Baclofen every day since then, and some days I’ve only had one dose rather than two, but I can really feel the difference!

The backache that I’ve been struggling with almost constantly for the past few months has hardly bothered me at all, and if I feel like I’m going to have a ad CP night, taking some a little while before I go to bed really helps.

So far I’m impressed.

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