Walking makes me feel good

I can’t recall if I’ve said this before or not but I love walking and knowing that I’ve done as much walking as I can. By this I mean walking around town or to people’s houses rather than going on a 10 mile hike, but I like to think it still counts, you know?

When I don’t do very much of it it gets me down because I worry that I’ll lose my stamina and stuff. Basically, I like to push myself when I can.

Yesterday was one of those days. In fact, this whole week has been really now that I think about it. While I may have spent more time that was comfortable pounding the pavement, I feel good about it after all.

I’ll admit that I didn’t enjoy the last half an hour or so of my shopping expedition before I came home again. I was hard and all I could think about at the time was how much I wanted to get home and sprawl out on my bed for a quick rest.

I knew I’d done a lot when I went to bed later that night and my feet were still aching. While some people might consider this quite unpleasant, I went to sleep with a smile on my face, feeling like I’d worked hard and achieved something


12 thoughts on “Walking makes me feel good

  1. Felt so strange reading this- it’s so similar to how I’ve been feeling! I went to the shops a few days ago (although I did end up in my wheelchair half way through!) And yesterday I over did the the ‘I love walking and it would be a great way to get fit’ thing (tired now!).
    I hope the walking works out and helps your stamina (:


  2. I can really relate to the feeling of aching, but it almost being a good feeling….
    Recently I have been changing my physio routine and have started going to the gym a couple of times a week. I feel absolutely great afterwards, and one of the friends that I go with commented that I seem to walk better afterwards! but later on that day or the morning after I often get achy… but to me it’s a good ache!!

    On Friday I went an had a short session on my own, which meant getting the bus, then walking from the bus stop to the gym. I did about half an hour, then walked from the gym into town, which is about half a mile and grabbed a few bits from the supermarket. Adding walking to and from bus stop etc, I think I must have walked over a mile that day and was certainly feeling it that evening – but to me it was a ‘good ache’ and I awarded myself with a takeaway pizza when my friend came over to chill and watch tv….


    1. Take away pizza is the best
      I also love the post excercise feeling and I miss it on bad cp days when I don’t feel up to it. Plus, I’ve FINALLY started taking my baclofen. I’m only about 5 days in but noting a difference already! Also, takeaway pizza is the best reward. Or curry. Mmm food.


      1. oooh I love curry!!!
        I really miss that post exercise feeling on bad cp days or days where I know I need to take it easy… I get a real endorphin trip after exercise and I can really see the difference it’s already making to my cp (although I think part of that is also down to me increasing the amount of stretching I do too).
        I had an Orthotics appointment today, and we have decided to stop using a day afo on my right (stronger) side and use an insole to support just my foot as my walking has improved.
        That’s great! How are you finding it? I felt like I was flying when I first started taking Baclofen!!


      2. Oh good luck with getting rid of the splint even if it is just one! I keep trying to get them to try something else for me. They keep telling me off for not wearing my splints but I can’t put them on myself so I’m really frustrated at the moment because I’d like to try something more more practical but no one can think of anything. Yeah I’m feeling pretty good with baclofen right now


  3. That’s good… I know you were nervous about taking it, has it made sleeping easier?
    I felt my right splint was actually holding me back by taking away some of the power of my stronger side, and the orthotist agreed that there is a fine line between getting the right amount of support and actually having the function…
    I now have to wear my night splint more to maintain the length in my calf…
    It’s so frustrating when you can’t seem to find a practical solution isn’t it?


  4. I love this post! I know it can be hard work, and I don’t think I can ever fully understand all the muscles that ache afterwards for you, but it really helps to hear that it is still worth it to do as much as you can….despite the difficulty 🙂

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