Arm Pain

Thankfully, I don’t get much in the way of arm pain anymore. My shoulders used to hurt quite badly when I was younger because of the way I stood, my my surgery a few years ago seemed to solve that problem nicely.

That said, over the weekend, I got quite a bad bout of shoulder pain that I think started in my back and went down into my right arm. This may not sound like much, but I was surprised at just how much bother it caused me.

Thankfully,it came along quite  late  in the evening and it made me feel less inclined to sit up so I was able to lay down, but I kept off the shoulder that was sore. This made everything hurt less, but as I use my right arm for almost everything because the cerebral palsy in my left arm makes it hard to do anything left-handed,I felt quite uncomfortable

It made me feel quite glad my arms don’t hurt too often and brought back memories of when I was younger. In an odd way, that was quite nice because it helped me reflect on just how much my life has improved since I had my operations about 8 years ago.

6 thoughts on “Arm Pain

    1. Not at all. I had both my hips and femurs broken so that they could reset the bones because the way I stood had caused my knees to rotate inwards and face each other in the middle rather than point outwards. Then 6 weeks after that I had my adductor, hamstring and calf muscles cut and stretched in both legs. It’s the best thing I’ve evet done.

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      1. Blimey! That’s a huge amount of surgery. My son had SDR in sept 2013. Amazing progress but he pronates badly and orthotics are the bane of my life 😦


      2. Selective dorsal rhizotomy. It’s changed his life. He’s has learnt to walk since having it done and the progress is amazing 🙂


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