Clumsy me

I drop things.  I drop things a lot. Usually at really awkward times like out in public or in the shower.

Let’s just say that picking things up of the floor without falling over and ending up on the floor myself isn’t my strong point.

If I have something to hold onto at same time then it’s not so bad, but if I drop things in the middle of the room then it gets complicated.

If I’m at home then I’ll actually get down on the floor,  retrieve the offending object and then crawl over to some furniture I can pull myself up on.

Outside it’s harder still because I don’t really want to get down on the floor.  My anxiety about germs always kicks in at this point too and I have to take a few deep breaths and remind myself it will be okay.

Then I have to grip my walking frame and hope I don’t pull it over onto myself while I’m bending down.

Thankfully, there’s usually someone around to help.

2 thoughts on “Clumsy me

  1. I find that I go through periods of this, just like I go through periods of tripping. But getting up is ALWAYS tough (or down) and I’ve found it’s gotten harder with age.


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