Needing to stretch my legs in public

From day to day I never know how stiff I’m going to be or how achy I’m going to feel.

This doesn’t really bother me. I’m used to it and I’d like to think that I’m pretty good at just getting on with it.

Sometimes it can be a bit awkward though if I need to have a good stretch in public.

It’s easy enough for me to stretch out my arms and my upper back because I can do that in sitting, but it’s not so easy to deal with my lower back and legs. Sometimes I feel like all I want to do is sit in long sitting with my legs out straight in front of me,  which is fine when I’m at a friend’s house, but not so much if I’m in a restaurant or shopping.

I try and get around in my not staying in one position too long and swinging back and forth in front of me. Thankfully,  my friends are used it and don’t mind.

On very rare occasions, I leave early so that I can go home and sprawl out but not if I can help it.

6 thoughts on “Needing to stretch my legs in public

  1. This can be a nightmare!! I used to be quite self conscious about it, but now just get on with stretching when it’s something easy to stretch, like my calves or the part of my hamstrings directly behind my knees (I often sit with my feet on a chair with my legs out straight) But when it comes to my lower back or hip flexors it can be really difficult as there’s no easy way to stretch them discreetly or without needing to lay down.
    a couple of my friends are really good at giving me a hand when I need it, especially when at theirs.
    How are you getting on with baclofen?


    1. With my hip flexors I try and put my foot on the chair I’m sitting on with my knee hanging over the side and push down on it if that makes sense.

      I’m going to start it this week. I meant to do it at the weekend but I was a bit worried in case it made me floppy and tired because I had loads of stuff to do. Does it make you tired?


      1. I get what you mean.. might try that!!!
        It doesn’t make me tired, but when you first start taking it, you can feel a bit floppy and possibly spaced out for a couple of days – but it affects people differently…. I started mine when I didn’t have much on and could get used to it without worrying about feeling a bit different for a day or two


  2. Now I have an image of you sitting on the floor in a patch of sunlight stretching like a yoga pose. Haha.


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