Using dry shampoo with cerebral palsy

My shower has been fixed so I can now shower and wash my hair independently again! Yay!

Although my mum was on hand while it was broken to tip buckets of water over me while it was out of action, I decided to buy some dry shampoo for the first time just in case, and I thought it would be a good excuse for me to try it out.

I’ve written posts before and made vlogs on my YouTube channel about how I don’t find it easy to do my hair because of my left arm is affected  by my CP as well as my legs, but I can usually manage okay with things like hairspray and mousse so I thought I might be okay with the dry shampoo.

What surprised me was that I did find it quite fiddly and difficult after all because I had to hold up sections of my hair with one hand and spray with the other.

I didn’t do the best job in the world, but it did make my hair look cleaner so I’m happy with that/

3 thoughts on “Using dry shampoo with cerebral palsy

  1. I often wondered about dry shampoo. When my hair was long, and in dire need of a wash, I used to dump lots of talcum powder in it. Sort of made it grey for a while but also dampened down the grease!


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