Feeling invisible

Today I am annoyed.
I’ve been out shopping with my boyfriend and we took my wheelchair instead of my walking frame because we knew there’d be a lot of walking.

The thing is that three of four people today have literally walked into me because they weren’t looking where they were going.

Usually this kind of thing wouldn’t bother me but today my mood is already quite low and it made me feel invisible.

Does this happen to ang of you

16 thoughts on “Feeling invisible

  1. I have people walking too close to me. I have to make sure they don’t kick my crutches by accident. I find it annoying especially when I am having a low day. More considerate people give me space and even tell their children to do the same.

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  2. Have certainly experienced people not giving sufficient space, not moving out of the way (even a little bit), or not watching where they are going…………on the flip side, there have been some very thoughtful people too. As I was unloading Miss M from the hoist at the rear of our van, and folding out our portable ramp so that she could mount a kerb rather than be wheeled about 20m along a main road to get to an access point, a delivery driver asked me if he could help. No help needed on this occasion, but it was lovely to have it offered 🙂


  3. …and from another perspective….I’ve had people walk into me because they refused to look up from reading on their smartphone and I refused to move out of their way!


  4. Yes, this happens to me too. Or they stand in the way and when you ask them kindly to move they are oblivious!


  5. I’m really sorry, honey. Were people on their phones and just not looking up? Two weeks ago, I was looking at my phone and I walked into something and fell down, but it was my own fault.

    You’re not invisible and there’s nothing wrong with you. People are just oblivious and ignorant. When I was in my final year of high school, someone wasn’t looking where he was going and walked right into me. My balance is already bad, so he knocked me flat on my back. I, of course, blamed myself for it and blamed my disability and got mad at myself for having a disability.

    He was concerned and asked me if I was okay, but I ignored him. I cried because I was frustrated and embarrassed. I said, ‘I hate the people in this school,’ and walked away. I understand now that this could have happened to anyone. Anyone he’d walked into could have fallen the way I did. My cerebral palsy did have something to do with it but wasn’t entirely to blame. I think, if it happened to me today, I would still be frustrated, sad, and angry, but I would try to understand that it could happen to anybody.

    Have some compassion for yourself, sweetie. xxx

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  6. Hello 🙂 I must say that I’ve ha d a very different experience with people and passersby where I live. Over here, when I go somewhere, like literally anywhere, people stop and gape at me. And since they stop or slow down considerably in their pace to gawk over me I automatically have people making way for me without their knowledge. LOL. Oh I’d love to be ignored and be invisible for once, you know… but what happened to you is not right and I’m sorry that it did 😦


      1. I don’t really notice period looking at me anymore either and I don’t mind because I know they’re not doing it to be mean. It used to really upset my sister when she was younger though xx


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