10 thoughts on “NEW VLOG: Mental Health: what a difference a week can make

      1. Oh Sorry. I thought I’d replied to that! Sorry. I try to reply to every comment but sometimes one or two slip through! I think you should try making videos. You don’t have to upload them πŸ™‚


      2. That’s okay! I have CP too and from the looks of things we’re pretty similar. I’m an Integrative Arts major which is a build your own major however, I’m focusing on Mass Media Communications and Music πŸ™‚


      3. I studied Multimedia Journalism at uni and I loved it. I love music too. I’ve always wanted to play an instrument but I’m having trouble finding one that would suit me as my left hand and I tend to disagree when it comes to doing things that require a lot of hand control! That, and I don’t think I have a musical bone in my body!

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      4. I have that problem too! I’m studying Music Composition and minoring in Music Technology! I’m still holding out hope to learn to play something.


      5. That sounds really interesting stuff. Hope you find something you can play. I keep saying I want to give the drums a go but I never seem to get round to it.


      6. I tried guitar and keyboard in school music lessons. Playing the guitar hurt my left wirst too much to hold it so I had to lay it flat on a table. The keyboard was easier for me too but I still found it tricky.


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