Some splints news

My AFO splints

I’m going to take a break from all my Christmas-themed updates today to bring you some exciting news about my day time AFO splints!

I was recently recast for a new splint on my left leg as we haven’t been able to create one that has fitted me comfortably yet. We’ve tried a few times now but I think we have finally got there!


Last week I picked up my new splint and I’ve managed to wear it for quite a few hours at a time now without it blistering me. It’s still a bit sore when I wear it though but that usually takes a while to pass. They’re a bit like new shoes in that sense. I’m going to take all of this as a good sign though!


7 thoughts on “Some splints news

  1. That’s good news! hope you get used to it quickly….. I’ve now got used to wearing my new one for my right leg, and wear it most of the time now, although I still have off days…..


      1. it took me nearly a year to be able to wear my left one all the time!!!
        My gaiter has been a nightmare!!! it got sent away to get different straps put on it, and when it came back, I found that they’d put the straps in the wrong place….. so I now have to wait until the new year to get them moved to where they’re meant to be…..


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